How It Works ?

Encryption works. Whether you want to protect your documents from potential theft, want your files locked down in case your laptop or phone is lost or stolen, or you're concerned about the whole peeping tom society, encrypting them is the only way to make sure you're the only one with access to them. That is, without a ton of effort, anyway.
If you access your cloud storage on two or more devices, Mycloudfence creates a 3rd folder outside the cloud stored folder you are using, with a passphrase (not password) that you only know, your files are accessible only to you.

Circle saves your files in a scrambled form so if anyone tries to access your files will see encrypted data that only you have the access to. Any changes you perform on your Mycloudfence files are instantly updated in real time.
Mycloudfence helps you keep your data in sync across all devices.

Back-up your photos, work or private documents securely and retrieve them again in seconds.
Create a folder in your favorite cloud storage account; configure this folder to be your Mycloudfence folder and drag and drop away! Every file transferred from your cloud storage to your Mycloudfence Storage is encrypted for other eyes to see. Use your passphrase every time you log into your Mycloudfence Folder and enjoy updating your files freely and feasibly.

Essentially, your data is completely private because you're the only person who knows what's being encrypted and transmitted. The only unencrypted versions live on your local computer. Also, since your data is encrypted locally with a password you choose, there is absolutely no way of decrypting it to see what's in your data store.
As part of our unexampled cloud security system, we can never access your login information. This means that we are also unable to help if you forget your password. To be safe, print out your personal Login Recovery Code as soon as you open a Mycloudfence folder and store it somewhere safe.