Enterprise Edition

Mycloudfence’s secure cloud storage is designed to protect the privacy of your data. We employ a wide range of security measures including internationally renowned encryption methods, strong user authentication and redundant data storage.nInternationally renowned, highly secure cloud storage ensures that no one but you, not even Mycloudfence staff members, can ever access your data.nIf you are a developer writing code or a company with several virtual teams and you need your company data accessed safely in real time. We offer you ABM Synchronizer, our enterprise edition of Mycloudfence.nnWe offer strong encryption and authentication to ensure that only team members can view the files stored in your shared workspace. This makes ABM Synchronizer highly suitable for sharing sensitive information such as financial, client and patient data.nSynchronize shared files with the ABM Synchronizer Client for PC/Mac so everyone in your team always has the latest version of any file. nAccess Bulk data from different teams instantly.nnInstantly access your Team Space to monitor their work. You can add multiple pairs each with its own configuration.nConfigure your files to be compressed or encrypted or both.nHave full control over your data and what to do with it, whether you want your folders to be for receiving files only or for uploading only.nSave your files in versions or choose to overwrite it. nDivide your folders by departments to be synchronized on your servers in scrambled and/or compressed form.nAlways stay updated on the latest activities in your team and offer your customers direct delivery of vital documents in a highly secure digital vault.n